We had a problem with the copier this morning, of our own making, we had changed to fibre broadband. The computers would speak to the copier, the copier could not find the server.

I telephoned your office about 9.30 this morning and I spoke with a very helpful chap. I love his “can do” unflappable attitude, he rang back about an hour later, all sorted.

It is really great dealing with an organisation which does not just talk about customer service, they actually deliver and with a “smile” you can feel down the phone.

As a customer of Print Logic for over 6 years I thought it time I wrote them a review. From leasing our first printer they have supplied, serviced and maintained every printer we have had since.

Always great service, always going above and beyond especially as most of the time when we need them quick due to imminent deadlines and they have never let us down yet.

A fantastic experience start to finish in leasing 2 new photocopiers. A much smoother process than we’ve experienced with other companies in the past. Excellent prices too. Thanks!

As a new but growing business, we were in 2 minds whether we should make-do with our small printers. In hindsight, the decision to trust Print Logic with our print, copy and scan requirements has proved to be priceless. Their equipment has been reliable and efficient, support is timely and effective, our costs are low and completely predictable.

We needed our office photocopier/printer repairing as it hadn’t been serviced in a while and was making a funny noise. They had an engineer out to us in less than 2 hours and it was good as new within half an hour of that. They even had the correct parts with them!

Fast efficient service and very reasonably priced too. Thanks!

During the office move, the photocopiers were the only things that didn’t cause any stress. Please pass on my thanks for to your engineers who worked hand in hand with our IT company for a smooth transition.

Wow what a fantastic service and team of professionals! Thanks very much for sorting out our printing needs in a quick professional manner. Very impressed and will recommending this company to all our business contacts, family and friends.

We’d had problems with our office shredder for weeks and several companies have been in to look at it. No one had managed to repair it for any significant period of time and problems kept recurring with 2 companies trying to convince us that we needed to replace it. OTS were out within 2 hours and its been running perfectly since, they gave us some great advice on how to look after it and were very reasonably priced.

Serviced my photocopier and printers at a very good price. Engineer was out same day and was very efficient and friendly. Would certainly use again and recommend to other businesses.

Great service supplied us a new photocopier. It was a lot cheaper than all the other prices we got and it was installed within 24 hours 🙂

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