Administrative Charge Scale

Details of the charges that may be applied under the Administrative Charge Scale

Administrative Charge Scale fees



Each time Print Logic are unable to collect payment of an invoice by Direct Debit

1% of amount owed or £20

Minimum Fee £20

If a direct debit is not set up or;

the customer cancels a Direct Debit or;

Print Logic cancel a Direct Debit because the customer has repeatedly failed to pay.

1% of amount owed or £20

Minimum Fee £20

If the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 does not apply Print Logic are entitled to recover all costs incurred in the collection of all monies payable under the service contract. This includes an administration fee of £100 + VAT per unpaid invoice.

£100 + VAT administration fee per unpaid invoice


Interest on overdue invoices


Any legal costs

Fail to take delivery of the equipment

Storage costs PLUS 5% administration costs


All fees are cumulative.

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