How to Choose the Best Multifunction Printer for your Business

Printing, whether it’s in small or large quantities is an integral part of any business. The need to meet client demands and maintain a consistent service to your clients is an element of your office where having the right equipment can make an enormous difference.

Our experience in printing solutions and with Multifunction printers is second to none, and when paired with our product knowledge and award-winning machines, we can ensure that you’ll get the appropriate device for your work, as well as the service and support you need.

Print Logic, print management and digital workflow leaders in the North West and Midlands, offer configurable software and modular hardware, and can provide your legal firm with the best devices which will boost your productivity whilst integrating with the rest of your systems.


One of the main differences between the many models of photocopiers and multifunction printers is their page speed. This is usually measured in pages per minute, or PPM, and deciding how fast you want to be able to print is usually a first step in choosing your multifunction printer.

The most popular speeds are usually between 26 and 50 pages per minute, although higher or lower speeds are available. The amount of printing you’ll want to be able to do will help you decide the best speed for a multifunction printer, for example a busy office will probably need a pair of high speed 40-50ppm devices, whereas a slightly quieter office might only need a 26-30ppm model,

Paper capacity

Have you ever sent a large print job to the office printer, left it to print whilst you got on with another task, and when you return it’s only printed half of what you wanted because it’s ran out of paper? Annoying right? This is why having the right paper capacity on your multifunction printer is important, and can actually lead to a more productive office.

On most types of multifunction printer, paper trays can be changed to suit your requirements. For example, you might only print large volumes of A4 paper, and so your multifunction printer can be set up with two separate trays, which can be refilled independently. You can even refill the second tray whilst the paper is in operation using the first tray! Another example might be that your need both A4, A3 and A5 paper in use at all times, in which case you can set up each paper size in their own dedicated paper trays – easy!

Paper quality

One of the main things you’ll be looking for when choosing a multifunction printer will be the quality of the prints it produces. Initially you might want only the very best, and that’s really important, but take a moment to consider what the device will be used for. If it’s going to be producing marketing material, customer facing documents, high-quality banners or even product stickers, then a high print quality is essential. If your new multifunction printer will only be used for internal office-based documents, prints or copies, then a less specialised standard resolution model would be a more appropriate choice.

Finishing Options

Sometimes you might need your multifunction printer to make use of some enhanced functions, such as the ability to fold, staple or hole punch – or even booklet making. Normally this would be done by hand, where paper documents are ‘finished’ by a human being performing one or all of these tasks, but with the right add-ons a multifunction printer can do the same thing! When choosing your new printer, it’s important to consider what you might need it to do in your office, and how much time it could save your team by working on these manual, lengthy tasks for them – freeing them up for more productive tasks.

Ease of use

When you invest in a new multifunction printer, you are getting a state-of-the-art piece of office equipment, with a wide suite of high-level specialisations. Modern devices are essentially high-end PC’s which are dedicated to printing, scanning, faxing and emailing (amongst other functions), and so you’d expect a device as complex as a multifunction printer to be a challenge to operate.

Luckily, none of them are, and every single feature on every model has been made to be as user friendly as possible. Naturally, there is a small amount of training needed when being introduced to a new device, and Print Logic provide expert level training to any member of staff who will need it.

When choosing a printer, it’s important to look at the small print to see if training is included. Many photocopier suppliers simply deliver the device to your door, which is similar to buying a product ‘off the shelf’, so to speak. Whilst the devices are indeed easy to use, without training you might miss out on the finer details of the device, and waste time unnecessarily by performing tasks the copier could do instead.


As mentioned above, a multifunction printer is essentially a high-powered computer with dedicated print functions, and like any computer they include a hard drive. It’s a little known fact that photocopiers and scanners store information on them for every scan or photocopy which passes through the device, and with recent data protection laws such as GDPR it’s important to consider what security measures are in place on your new device.

Many new machines are able to encrypt, wipe and protect information stored on them as standard, and this should be something you investigate when looking for a new multifunction printer.

Purchase, rent or lease the best multifunction printer?

Finding the right Photocopier option for your business isn’t complicated.  Whether you are looking to buylease or rent a photocopier Print Logic will be able to find the best photocopier solution for your business.

Each customer will have their own set of circumstances which will help us understand which option is the most appropriate. The sector in which they’re part of will be a factor, so a legal law office might not necessarily need the same photocopier as a school’s office, for example.

We’ve broken down the options and have listed their benefits and advantages.

Multifunction printer Leasing

  • Tax efficient
  • Fixed term
  • New equipment
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance
  • Extended time available

Multifunction printer Renting

  • Suitable alternative to a lease, for when that isn’t an option
  • Suitable for when a shorter time period is required
  • Print Logic approved refurbished equipment
  • Service and support

Buying A Multifunction printer

  • Photocopier is yours, we work with you to select the best device for the job.
  • Only one payment required
  • Service and maintenance can be added on

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