Black and White Photocopier

A black and white photocopier performs in the same way as a colour alternative, except it will only print in black and white (also called ‘monochrome copies’). Black and White photocopiers are perfect for businesses which lots of standard documents like invoices, purchase orders, worksheets or anything for ‘internal use’. Typically, these types of documents don’t require colour as they’re not customer facing, so a colour photocopier and it’s associated expense is less important.

Should I get a Black and White Photocopier?

Print Logic, print management and digital workflow leaders in the North West and Birmingham, supply and maintain all types of Black and White photocopier, and have a wide range of devices available to choose from. One of our highly experienced print experts will be able to offer free and impartial advice to help our customers choose a copier, and will help inform you when making a decision.

A Black and White photocopier is perfect for use in businesses where they will be primarily printing internal use documents, or in departments which will never produce customer facing documents.

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