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Liverpool Based Dental Surgery Say Using Old Their Printer Was Like Pulling Teeth – Their New One is Like a Breath of Fresh Air

A popular Liverpool based Dental surgery was struggling with their years’ old printer. Slow to use, prone to breakdowns and expensive to maintain, the printer was slowing down the reception team’s ability to work and was a constant headache. Eventually the printer broke down entirely, and the surgery reached out to Print Logic, digital workflow and managed print experts in the North West and Birmingham, to render assistance with a speedy repair.

The problem – a broken printer bringing work to a complete stop

1 – Old printing device prone to breakdowns

2 – The device in question was completely offline

3 – Fast repair service needed

In a busy surgery with a high number of people passing through daily, each patient needed unique documents for their use, as well as others for internal use at the clinic. Being an ‘off the shelf’ device from a high street store, the printer in use was overworked and in dire need of an expert servicing. When the printer eventually broken completely, a fast repair service was needed as soon as possible.

As well as the problems with the printer, the clinic was also spending an incredible amount of money weekly to keep the device’s stock of ink maintained properly. This took time away from the reception team’s regular workload and meant that sometimes patients needed to form a queue.

The solution – fast service from the experts, free on-site appraisal of printing fleet

1 – Same day printer repair service

2 – Free appraisal provided

3 – Full service carried out on printer

As part of the standard service which Print Logic provides, an engineer was able to arrive on site, diagnose and resolve the issue with the surgery’s printer in under 20 minutes. The surgery was able to print again at that point, and once an opportunity was available a full service was completed without any interruption to the clinics services. This ensured that the device was refreshed and able to cope for more print jobs in the future.

Whilst there, the expert engineer performed a full complimentary appraisal of the clinic’s printing set up, and identified an opportunity for them to be able to save time and avoid all future printing issues like this. As well as this, it was clear that eventually the printer would begin to experience issues again, due to older and overused parts needing to be replaced. After a brief conversation which was completely open, upfront and transparent, a call was arranged between Print Logic’s team of print experts at the local branch.

The Outcomes: All the pain of a faulty printer resolved quickly, and a brand-new replacement guaranteed to last the test of time (and use)

Following a speedy service, where the printer was not only repaired but fully serviced, and the customer was very pleased with the results. There was still an opportunity to save time and money for the reception team, so after a conversation with the solutions team at the local branch a fully managed replacement printer was installed into the surgery.

Because it’s now fully managed, all toner is supplied when it’s needed, so the reception team no longer need to spend time managing and replacing ink cartridges. As well as this all servicing and preventative maintenance is proactively provided to ensure the device always works correctly. The surgery now has a completely new device specifically chosen by a print expert, which is built to handle the high volume of printing which is required.

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