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Cheshire Estate Agents speed up their paperwork with cutting-edge workflow solution

A leading estate agents handling high-value properties in Cheshire has revitalised and refocused their previously erratic and inefficient printing fleet at the same time as speeding up their teams individual workflows. Print Logic, digital workflow and managed print experts in the North West and Birmingham, have used their expert knowledge and familiarity with working with major names in the property sector to provide this solution.

The problem: Bring order to chaos

1 – Excessive quantity of old and unreliable printers and scanners

2 – Staff time wasted

3 – Slow speed when helping customers

With a large number of paper documents passing through the business, a highly sophisticated printing flee was required. The agency had grown over it’s lifespan into one of the leaders in the region, and with that growth a large number of older, unsuitable devices had been collected over the years. These were a mixture of different types of devices, all with separate functions and from various manufacturers.

With no in-house I.T. support, there was no professional infrastructure in place to support these devices, and so the agencies staff’s valuable time was taken up managing this printing fleet. Any issues were resolved improperly, or a faulty device was simply replaced.

As well as this, any scanning in of important documents, such as tenancy agreements or mortgage documents, were done through an entirely manual process, with agents and office based staff needing to spend lots of time working through this, then later correcting mistakes or searching from large and poorly organised archives.

The solution: Seamless optimisation of printing fleet with a robust and fast, automated scanning solutions

1 – Cutting-edge, multi-purpose printing fleet installed

2 – Vebra integration implemented to speed up work

3 – Complete managed solution implemented – staff productivity increase due to time saved

Print Logic began by assessing the number, type and function of each printing device in use by the agency. Each device was assessed, and 100% of the large fleet was consolidated into 3 state-of-the-art multifunction devices, chosen specifically to ensure the maximum amount of benefits possible.

As well as this, these multifunction devices were seamlessly integrated into the agencies Vebra CRM set up. This was prepared without any interruption to the businesses operations, and was specifically tailored to meet the agencies individual structure.

A Managed Print Service was also arranged, with the maintenance, support, consumables and setup of each new device being handled by a dedicated team of experts at Print Logic, therefore eliminating the need for the agency to manage this themselves.

The outcomes: A more effective agency, with the keys to success

Thanks to the greatly focused printing fleet, there is no confusion when it comes to printing, scanning, faxing or emailing paperwork in the office. Each of the 3 devices installed has multiple dedicated functions, and have the capacity and capability to fulfil any task which may be required of them.

Professional documents with branding are now able to be produced in-house, and Print Logic worked closely with the agencies marketing team to get every aspect of the branding colours and look correct when printed from the new devices installed. Acetate printing is now also possible, direct from the new copiers, with a dedicated, on-demand tray being set up for use at any time, instantly.

With the managed print solution now in place, the agency has saved countless hours previously spent on maintaining a complicated printer fleet. All printer related issues, such as toner stocks, maintenance, and ongoing support are covered by this service, and any urgent matters which need to be looked at are resolved within 2 hours – even on weekends and bank holidays when the agents were working to prevent service problems.

Finally, the estate agent now has  a robust, easy to use scanning and archiving system in place. Rather than manually working through complex processes which would often lead to huge inconsistencies and errors, smart artificial intelligence automates all scanning, sorting and filing activities to ensure that a consistent, secure and reliable system is in place, with the maximum amount of accuracy available.

Payments were consolidated into one quarterly bill, with every aspect being completely transparent and available to the customer at any time they wanted to check or query anything. This removed the constant financial stress for the agency to manage every single aspect of a printing service themselves, and reduced spending significantly thanks for the optimised devices and systems set in place by Print Logic.

Lee Woodford, Print Logic’s Estate Agent Account Manager, and lead on this project commented:

“it’s a pleasure to be able to work with a leading estate agent in a prominent marketplace. Assessing the office’s set-up when we started uncovered some huge opportunities for improvements which the customer didn’t realise was possible, and the differences in the team’s effectiveness in the last few months since we implemented our solutions has been called ‘unprecedented’. We’ll be keeping a close eye on things to make sure we’re maintaining a constant positive momentum for the customer, and I look forward to continuing our relationship over the coming years.”

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