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The customer

A successful PPI company which has been trading for over 10 years needed to speed up their systems and processes to capitalise on approaching PPI Claims deadline.

The customer has 2 core teams spread across 2 offices. Within both offices there are a mix of desktop printers and desktop flatbed scanners, numbering roughly 10 devices in total per office.

Within those teams, a number of staff use those devices to input and output information into BrightOffice CRM manually, spending a total of 20 man-hours a day on their work.

The challenge

The customer needed to speed up this process to cope with the increased workload which would be required, in order to make the most of the final months of PPI. Before Print Logic’s Print Experts approached them, they were considering hiring additional staff to meet the demands, but were also seeking options for smarter ways to accomplish their activities.

The Print Logic Solution

To meet the customer’s need of increased productivity, Print Logic first replaced the 20 devices across both offices with 4 smart, floor standing Multifunction Printers.

These new devices unified the functionality of the previous hardware within one device each, and were used to integrate the customers printing and scanning seamlessly with their BrightOffice CRM. The new hardware installed was set up with barcode scanning, and configured to identify specific elements on the customers incoming and outgoing documents.

Using our Solutions Team’s familiarity and expert knowledge with BrightOffice CRM along with AutoScan and IDM modules, we were able to work directly with the customer’s systems in order to create a solution to streamline and automate tasks which had previously be done by hand, one step at a time.

The Outcomes

The smart software which unified the new scanning hardware and CRM system turned complex, time consuming tasks into an activities which could be started and completed at the press of one button on the new MFP’s touchscreen’s.

Documents like ‘returning post’ are now put into the scanner in one pile, instead of sorted through manually and scanned in one by one. The software and scanning functions which Print Logic created identify, scan, sort and file the documents in bulk and at speed, and automatically upload them into the correct case so that they can be moved onto the next stage.

Aside from the increased productivity the team could achieve, the customer was also able to concentrate on other value based activities with their newly available time which was previously spent scanning and archiving, allowing the business to grow.

Our Solutions Manager worked closely with the staff at the customers’ 2 offices, to make sure that the way in which the automation we created with return documents ran seamlessly with the new hardware and software Print Logic supplied. We also continue to help them improve and optimise their systems even more, proactively identifying and suggesting automations which will benefit the customer.

We increased and optimised the way in which the customer worked with BrightOffice CRM, by introducing smart triggers, which went on to create tasks and reminders within the customer’s team.

Because of the increased revenue generated from the ability to meet workload demands, the customer was able to hire another small team to facilitate even more growth. This team was placed across both offices in the free space created by the reduction in the number of printing and scanning devices

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