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Birmingham school takes control of printing spending and saves

Based in Birmingham, Midlands, a large school has cut print costs down drastically, using the cutting edge solutions available, all developed and implemented by local print experts and market leaders Print Logic.

The problem: Identify what’s costing so much!

1 – IT department overwhelmed

2 – Unknown cause of high print costs

3 – Confusing printer setup

With a requirement to print off a huge number of documents on a daily basis, both by students and staff members, keeping track of all aspects of the school’s reprographics had become an unachievable task for the on-site I.T. department. They needed to dedicate an increasingly huge amount of time to not only managing the maintenance and running of each of the schools printers, but also work on their core workload.

As printing became more necessary for students and staff alike, the cost of toner cartridges and other consumables began to increase rapidly.

With pressure to reduce costs, the school needed to identify and control their print budget, and also allow the I.T. department to focus on their main duties, which were being neglected out of necessity.

The solution: print management solution implemented and long term cost reduction plan developed

1 – A complete print audit

2 – Print management solution executed

3 – Rules, alerts and policies activated

Print Logic began by performing a full print audit of the school and discovered that print jobs were being sent to printers which they normally wouldn’t be. After investigation the feedback pointed to ‘printers being in use’, or ‘sent to the wrong printer by accident’, or simply ‘it ran out of ink’. The confusion over the print jobs destination often led to duplicate prints, or printing from higher cost machines.

As well as this, the audit discovered that the cost per copy from the print supplier for some newer machines was drastically higher than others, when jobs were being sent to those printers – unnecessary spending was occurring.

Taking action immediately, a complete print management solution was implemented. Working with the school’s I.T. department policies were set up for every type of user the school had. These policies defined the printers available for different locations or users, as well as alerting them to when they were about to print of a high cost print job.

This eliminated every instance of printing from the wrong device, as well as making users think of the cost and environmental impact of high cost/high use jobs before they printed, more often than not letting them correct to a lower cost options instead.

Security methods were also put into place, to guarantee that sensitive information could not be misplaced, sent to the wrong printer, or seen by anyone it wasn’t meant to be seen by.

All of this work was prepared and implemented quickly and remotely, by Print Logic’s team of experts. Occasionally they would need to visit the school, and whenever they did they provided clear and concise training to all staff and student’s to let them familiarise themselves with the improved system.

Print Logic also implemented a Manged Print Service, where they took over the responsibility of keeping every printing device running, maintained and stocked. High cost machines were also replaced with technically superior, lower cost devices, which included a number of supplemental benefits such as speed increases and print quality improvements.

The Outcomes: Huge cost reductions, a greener school and a more effective I.T. department

By choosing a print management solution, the customer now benefits from significantly lower departmental costs. All of the consumables are now managed by Print Logic, who make sure that each printer is running as intended, stocked with toner and is never down for maintenance.

With rules and policies implemented, the number of wasted prints has been virtually eliminated, and with continued proactive management and regular reporting by Print Logic and the I.T. department on-site, any exceptions or new issues are quickly identified and resolved.

The I.T. department can, at any time see at-a-glance precisely what their printing costs are, and can generate a report in seconds for the finance and management teams. This report is used to cross charge each department for their print usage.

Instead of spending their time dealing with printer faults, toner stocks, driver issues, replacing disposable printers and even dealing with disgruntled staff experiencing printer downtime, the I.T. department are free to focus on their core workload. They now dedicate their time to their valuable, specialist work.

Due to the more advanced, and cost-efficient printers installed by Print Logic, further spending has also been reduced thanks to the lower energy, lower cost devices, with a 5 year plan set out for each one.

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