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Merseyside Solicitors Implement Print and Digital Workflow Solution

Based in Wirral, Merseyside, a leading law firm has guaranteed that it’s digital workflow processes are the most productive and efficient available, all thanks to expert help from digital workflow leaders Print Logic.

The Problem: Speed up a slow process

1 – Workflow Speed

2 – Staff Time Wasted

2 – Unnecessary Printing and Scanning Devices

Working within the strict rules and regulations required by the legal sector, the biggest problem for the customer was speed. A team of staff spent hours each day scanning incoming post, then manually importing those scans into case files on their CMS. With so much time being taken up by a large part of the business, as well as a constantly increasing amount of documents which needed to be processed, it was an issue that needed an automated solution.

Printing correspondence was done manually, with the printing of branded and file copy paper needing to be done individually.

The firm also had lots of small Multifunction Printers positioned at various points around the office, as well as standalone scanners which worked independently of everything else. This necessitated a large amount of effort required to maintain a stock of toner and parts, not to mention the work involved when anything broke down – all of which the customer did themselves, taking more time away from their main responsibilities.

The solution: automated scanning & archiving with cutting edge machines

1 – Automate processes with EasyFile solution

2 – Provide innovating hardware

3 – Speed up printing with integrated shortcuts

Print Logic started by researching and developing the most efficient automated process possible for this law firm, which would integrate directly with the customer’s CMS system. The software team at Print Logic chose EasyFile for this job, as it’s ability to bridge the gap between a photocopier and an industry specific system such as a CMS was the perfect option.

Print Logic’s print experts then chose the best multifunction devices available for the task at hand, and then set to work making sure each one was configured to integrate with the customer’s systems before they were installed.

The makes and models chosen were down to their ability to handle a high volume of scanning, as well as being able to print large scale jobs on to several types of paper – the perfect match for this law firm.

The next step was to implement shortcuts within the firm’s systems, which was all done remotely and securely by the IT expert’s at Print Logic.

Lastly, in an effort to make life as easy as possible for the law firm, Print Logic implemented a Managed Print Solution, freeing the customer of the time needed to maintain their printing fleet’s machines and consumable stock.

“It’s been great to see how much more productive the team at this office can be once they’ve taken control of their time again. There’s been a marked improvement over the past few weeks, and all of the colleagues at the business, from reception to management, are all noticing the benefits of the automated processes which we set up. It’s been a pleasure to help this business, I’m looking forward to seeing how we can help in the future”

Paul Edwards, Managing Director, Print Logic

The Outcomes: a firm productivity improvement

By selecting Easyfile, the customer can now scan documents directly into a case file on their CMS in one easy step. Because of this, all the time which they used to spend scanning in to their system has now been freed up, allowing them to concentrate on more valuable tasks – invaluable for a large team in fast paced environment like this.

By implementing digitally embedded overlays, the client no longer needs to purchase pre-letterheaded paper, and with one press of a button correspondence is printed on both premium paper with branding and file copy paper, saving even more time.

Space in the office has been increased due to the large number of printing machines being replaced with a handful multifunction devices, and as an added bonus, this has also had an impact on the overall monthly energy spending each month..

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