Colour Photocopier

As their name would suggest, colour photocopiers are capable of producing coloured copies as well as black and white (or mono) documents. This makes the photocopiers very versatile and ideal for any workplace environment. The copiers use ‘toner’, which is electrically charged powder delivered in 4 colours – Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K). This is known as CMYK printing. Colour photocopiers can produce any type of colour, and are the best choice for the vast majority of tasks.

Colour photocopier technology has taken huge leaps in recent years, and because of this they are more than capable of any task, enabling any business to be productive in ways that were never possible before.

Leasing Colour Photocopiers

Colour photocopiers, or ‘colour multifunction printers’ (MFPs) can be either purchased outright, rented or leased. Leasing is often the best option for most businesses Print Logic deal with, as it allows them to break the cost down into small, manageable payments which are spread across the time period of the agreement. On a colour photocopier lease, customers can get a technically superior and more contemporary model at the same cost as an older and less technically advanced model which is on a rental or purchase agreement. This allows them to benefit from the very best devices available. As well as this, there are several tax benefits which make the leasing option even more appealing.

Colour Photocopier Brands

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