Conference Solutions

Meeting rooms are some of the most important areas in any office. Decision makers steer their company in the best direction which they need to go in, and they need all the information available in order to do so. In larger companies, it’s also common for staff based in other locations to join in, often in a conference call. Whilst this is very advantageous, they’ll still miss out on any information which is only available to one side or another, such as paper documents printed off in one office and not another.

The ability to share information quickly and easily during any meeting or conference call is critical to success. Print Logic’s ‘Big Pad’ devices not only allow for incredible video conferencing sessions to be possible, but combined with cutting edge scanning solutions from any office based photocopier, documents can be shared and distributed to everyone attending a meeting in seconds, regardless of location.

Big Pad solutions – share data in seconds

Print Logic helps companies increase the productivity and effectiveness of their meeting using integrated conferencing, printing and scanning devices.

Using our solutions, companies can:

  • Arrange high-quality video conferencing in seconds
  • Share information globally quickly and easily during a meeting
  • Export, save, and maximise meeting notes to their fullest potential

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