Digital Photocopiers

The vast majority of photocopiers in the workplace today are digital instead of older ‘analogue’ variants. Due to the rate of which technology is advancing, the photocopier is becoming an increasingly central part of every office. Coupled with smart, state-of-the-art (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities, a digital photocopier can boost the productivity and effectiveness of an office team by up to 98%!

There are 2 main types of digital photocopiers, the inkjet models, and the laser models, with laser being the dominant variant thanks to the wide suite of benefits available to it.

Types of Digital Photocopiers

There are 2 main types of digital photocopiers, inkjet models and laser models. Print Logic, Print Management and Digital Workflow leaders in the the North West and Birmingham, supply and maintain all makes, models and types of digital photocopiers, and both our team of print experts and master engineers are second to none,

Inkjet Digital Photocopiers – most people are familiar with inkjet printers and how they work, as many of us have owned small inkjet printers at one point in our lives. Inkjet digital photocopiers use wet ink and print heads to transfer the ink onto paper. This ink dries very quickly but the whole process takes a long time to complete, as the print head needs to physically move across the page.

Laser Digital Photocopiers – laser digital photocopiers are the most common and capable type of copier available. They use electrically charged ‘toner’ particles which use heat to ‘fuse’ to a page, in a process which takes seconds. Compared to inkjet machines, they are faster, more reliable and cheaper to run overall.

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