Photocopier Inks and Toner

All photocopiers print using toner which is produced by it’s manufacturer. Each photocopier uses a specific type of toner which it’s compatible with, and so to ensure that the copier works correctly and the same high quality is maintained, you have to use the correct type of toner.


Toner is used by laser print devices. Toner is a powder which is electrically charged before moving on to a blank sheet of paper moving through a copier, and then ‘fused’ to the paper through the use of heat. Toner is used in the photocopying process for Sharp, Xerox, Canon, Toshiba, Ricoh and Konica Minolta devices.

PRISM – Print Logic Smart Monitoring

Part of a Managed Print Service is the automatic replenishment of toners. PRISM is a piece of smart software which comes pre-installed as standard on all of our photocopiers, and is designed to track how much toner your device is using. When any toner cartridge reaches a low capacity level, PRISM will alert a member of Print Logic’s software engineers and prompt them to send a replacement immediately, ensuring that you never run out of toner.

How to change toner cartridges

Changing toner cartridges in your photocopier is quite an easy process. Before doing so, it’s important to remember that toner is very expensive, so it’s worth knowing that you should only change a toner cartridge when it’s completely (100%) empty. Often people see a ‘low toner’ warning on their copiers display screen, and then they understandably change cartridges right away. This results in wasted toner.

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