Installation and training

As a well-established company in a competitive market, Print Logic are proud to push the boundaries of automating business process using digital workflow and the expert application of cutting edge hardware & software.

We’ve assembled enthusiastic and diversely talented teams across Print Logic’s five regional offices, who all instilled with our clear vision

Our installation process

Our unique installation process is bespoke and puts the customer at the forefront. Even before the install takes place, you’ll be assigned to an account manager for the duration of your agreement with Print logic, who will guide you through the installation and training process.

1. Place your order with Print Logic

Your account manager will help you complete the final order steps and provide clear, comprehensive and transparent advice on any questions or queries which you may have at this stage.

2. Pre-installation questionnaire

Before we can install your new photocopier we just need to ask a few questions which will help us understand your office set up, and so that we can carefully plan for your requirements. During this questionnaire we cover the main points, such as your IT setup and the physical constraints of your site (such as staircases, lift access, etc). Armed with this information, we can ensure that your installation is seamless.

3. Pre-installation preparation

All machines are set up and prepared to your exact requirements We set up any software and user accounts, prior to installation We also conduct an extensive test on the machine ensuring that it is operating to optimum levels

4. Installation and Training

We deliver your machine to its destination and integrate it into the location quickly and seamlessly

We’ll know exactly where and how the device needs to be used, so we’ll only need to perform a few quick onsite tests to make sure that everything is ready to go

We train its users on all aspects of the new device on-site, specifically how to operate it alongside their own systems

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