Lexmark Photocopiers

Whether your business fills a room or circles the globe, your goals are unique and your imaging technology has to do more than check typical boxes like print, copy, scan, and fax. It has to support your unique vision by streamlining processes, lowering printing costs, and ensuring security and compliance.

Printers and MFPs for medium workgroups

Lexmark printers and smart MFPs for medium workgroups are crafted for teams of up to 20 users, with print volumes ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 pages per month. These capable, enterprise-level devices offer faster speeds, larger input capacity, higher-yield toner supplies and productivity apps. They can be configured to fit on existing work surfaces or be floor-standing.

Beneftis of a Lexmark Photocopier

Streamline paper-based processes with Lexmark printers and smart MFPs

Your business goals don’t include worrying about printed output, or spending time and money managing slow paper-based processes. Lexmark laser printers and multifunction products are the foundation of a complete digital ecosystem that can streamline business processes, automate error-prone paper-based processes, and help you print less. Their smart capabilities simplify the challenge of managing workflows in an ever-changing business and technical environment–and reduce cycle times from days to minutes.

And Lexmark supports the efficiency and convenience of mobile devices by letting you print from iOS, Android, or Google Cloud devices just like you do from the desktop. No puzzling over another user interface or wasting time with printing workarounds like sending documents to your PC.

Lexmark gives you the tools you need to do more with less, take better care of your customers and improve your top-line performance.

High-yield printing

The more time you spend replacing toner​ ​and imaging components, the less time you have to get work done. Lexmark tackled the problem for users who need maximum uptime with high-yield​ ​Unis​o​n™ ​toner​ cartridges​ that print up to an estimated 55,000 pages each for black and colour toner​.​* Longlife​ components minimise downtime with​ imaging components that can last up to​ 300,000 pages, depending on usage​.** Replacement intervals like that not only save time and materials, but transport and packaging resources.

Full-spectrum security

Malicious security attacks and inadvertent vulnerabilities can lead to costly compliance breaches and business-disrupting data loss. They can also take a human toll in frustration, loss of privacy, negative financial consequences and wasted time. Security engineered into every Lexmark product encompasses device management, hardening and operation. In real-world terms, that means the Lexmark devices deployed in your setting control user access, restrict malicious activity, and protect data transmitted to or from the device or stored in its hard drive.

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