Maintenance and service

The majority of photocopier break downs could be easily avoided with regular service and maintenance being performed on the device.  If you’ve had your machine for more than one year, we advise that a qualified technician performs a photocopier servicing & maintenance on it. Doing so will extend the life of your copier, and save on any future costly repair bills.

>For Print Logic customers who have a managed print service agreement with us photocopier services and callouts are part of their standard plan, so no charges will be incurred. If you’re not a customer don’t worry – we can still help and are always happy to offer friendly advice.

Photocopier Maintenance

Generally, your photocopier will be quite self-sufficient, but occasionally you’ll need to do a few simple checks on it to make sure that it continues to do so. Keeping your copier running smoothly is straightforward, as long as everything is cleaned regularly (using built in tools such as the green rods found on Sharp devices, for example). Making sure the photocopier glass is clean is important, as any imperfections or blemishes on there can impact the quality of any scans or copies.

Replacing any empty toner cartridges or the waste toner box is important, and your photocopy machine will prompt you when to do this. With a Managed Print Solution, Print Logic will send you a replacement for any consumables before they are needed, so all you need to do is replace them.

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