Network Photocopier

Many people wish to set up their photocopier to a network in order to make it more accessible and useful in the office. There are many benefits in doing this, as well as various ways of setting up a photocopier to the network. If it’s just for pairing with one computer, then you can network a photocopier via a USB cable (similar to a home printer).

To share the photocopier with multiple computers the device can be connected via your existing network. This allows every user in that network to print and scan, and it allows your office IT manager to be able to have more control over and monitor the photocopier.

Networking Photocopier

As part of Print Logic’s standard installation service, your machine will be configured for your network before you arrive and then set up by an experienced network engineer during the installation callout. Your new photocopier will be set up for all computers which need to be connected and your staff will be trained in how to use it without any interruption to their daily tasks.

Once this process has been completed your team will be able to use the photocopier immediately, making it an efficient part of the workplace as soon as you’re ready to use it!

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