Office Storage Solutions

When your company deals with a high volume of paper documents, space to store them can run out quite quickly. With this in mind, it’s becoming commonplace for managers to look for alternative, software based solutions to help manage file storage.

Using smart software, such as DRIVVE, paired with a state of the art photocopier, Print Logic are able to integrate hardware to your local or cloud based storage in order to drastically reduce the amount of physical space your filing occupies.

How can Print Logic help?

Using software we set up automatic processes on your photocopier utilising the device’s built in scanning functions.

Our technicians work with our customers to find out where, how and the order in which their documents need to be stored, and set up the format they’re output in. All this can be set up to happen automatically as soon as a user presses the ‘start’ button.

file storage

What do I need to reduce storage space?

All of the photocopiers Print Logic supply support the scanning and archiving services which we offer. Devices such as the Sharp MX-4070 can support fast, high volume scanning for busy offices, whereas a smaller, desktop Xerox C405 can provide support to lower volume users.

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