How Does a Shredder Work?

Shredders pull documents which need to be destroyed into a catch area usually found at the top of the device. The user feeds the documents in, and a system of rollers pull in the paper. Once inside, the document is cut into small pieces by special blades and then dropped into a bin.

There are several types of shredders, and each one destroys documents in a slightly different way.

Standard Home Shredders – There are many benefits to having a shredding machine right in your home. These shredders typically cut documents into vertical strips. The problem with this is that any criminal wanting to get your personal information and use it for identity theft can put together the document again and access the data on it.

types of shredders

Commercial ShreddersCommercial shredders have blades that cut both vertical and horizontal.  This makes it more difficult to put back together and read it again. Most commercial shredders have a good capacity and only occasionally need to be emptied.

Larger Commercial Shredders – These are high capacity commercial shredders capable of handling large quantities of documents. They use a ream feed or hopper bucket to shred the documents. Like the other type of commercial shredders, this type of shredder cuts documents both vertically and horizontally.

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