Shredder Servicing

With our best shredder products the majority of  break downs could be easily avoided with regular service and maintenance.  If you’ve had your machine for more than one year, we advise that a qualified technician performs a service maintenance on it. Doing so will extend the life of your shredder, and save on any future costly repair bills.

We offer paper shredding services on all makes and models of shredder including:

  • Ruffles Shredders
  • HSM Securio Shredders
  • IDEAL Shredders
  • Dahle Shredders
  • Intimus Shredders
  • Swordfish Shredders
  • Rexel Shreddes
  • HSM Shredders
  • Fellowes Shredders
  • 5 Star Shredders
  • Martin Yale Shredders
  • Q Connect Shredders
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What exactly is a shredder service?

During a shredder service, a member of Print Logic’s team of engineers will carry out a comprehensive service, checking every aspect of a device to make sure that It will continue to function as required and replacing any worn or unserviceable parts as required.

Will there be a charge?

For Print Logic customers who have a managed print service agreement with us shredder service callouts are part of their standard plan, so no charges will be incurred. If you’re not a customer don’t worry – we can still help and are always happy to offer friendly advice.

A standard callout charge is quoted to everyone in need of a shredder servicing. This covers a standard one-hour visit, and work is not commenced until this has been agreed. We’ll follow our normal procedure so that they can get their shredder serviced as quickly as possible, and during the process we’ll keep the customer informed so that they’re aware of everything.

If additional work is needed, we can offer a no-obligation quote for any parts and labour which might be needed.

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