Who needs a photocopier?

Photocopiers are designed to quickly scan and photocopy duplicate single and multiple documents, as many times as a user needs them to be. When combined with specialist software solutions they can provide high value document management solutions that reduce costs and improve quality all through one device.

Print Logic specialise in helping businesses in all industry sectors manage their printing and photocopy costs.  Many companies purchase single-function devices when a specific task is required, which is more expensive and less efficient than a Multifunction Printer.

We find that most of our new customers are unaware of how much time can be saved and so ultimately, one of the biggest selling points of a photocopier or MFP is its capability to save time for colleagues who need to photocopy, scan, print, fax and email documents constantly. Photocopiers can perform complex, multi-stage processes immediately through the press of a button.


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