Photocopier Repairs

Print Logic understand that photocopier faults maybe stressful and inconvenient. When it’s vital to get a crucial piece of office hardware running again customers need expert support as soon as possible.

Print Logic engineers are photocopier experts, and our standard time on site is around one hour. In most cases this is enough time for us to diagnose and resolve the photocopier repair, as well as offer friendly and impartial advice on how to improve the device’s lifespan or productivity.

We offer photocopier repairs on all makes and models of photocopier including:

Engineer visits

A standard visit from a Print Logic engineer lasts for one hour, and the customer is kept informed during the entire procedure. When an engineer is on-site they will follow a standard maintenance checklist unique to Print Logic so that they can help diagnose and repair the problem. Our team of service technicians and engineers always carry a stock of components with them at all times which can help during a visit. Once the issue is resolved, they will do a quick check up to confirm everything is working as expected.

Once the engineer has completed their work they will provide an update, and confirm with the customer that everything is satisfactory. At the end of the visit the engineer might give some friendly advice on how the customer can improve the life and productivity of the photocopier if it’s appropriate.

Will there be a charge?

For Print Logic customers who have a managed print service agreement with us engineer callouts are part of their standard service, so no charges will be incurred. If you’re not an existing customer don’t worry – we can still help and are always happy to offer friendly advice.

A standard callout charge is quoted to everyone in need of a photocopier repair. This covers the standard one-hour visit, and work is not commenced until this has been agreed. We’ll follow our normal procedure so that they can get their photocopier repaired as quickly as possible, and during the process we’ll keep the customer informed so that they’re aware of everything.

If additional work is needed, we can offer a no-obligation quote for any parts and labour which might be needed.

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