New Photocopiers

A new photocopier is great for businesses needing a fast, easy to use device which will give them the maximum number of benefits possible. Every photocopy machine provided by Print Logic will have been specially prepared to your specification, tested and commissioned by our service team, who will get everything ready so that it’s able to simply be plugged in to your office and used immediately.

Choosing a office photocopier that is new ensures that you get the very best device available with all the latest features and benefits. As photocopier technology is constantly improving, a new device will be able to reduce energy usage, space, and improve your team’s efficiency through clever software solutions our tech support team can integrate into your office.

A new copier is a smart choice for any business looking to optimise their printing, copying and scanning and can be leased, rented or purchased outright.

New photocopier

Benefits of a New Photocopier

Latest Technology, Latest Functions – having a new photocopier means that customers have access to extremely robust, flexible and efficient devices. Photocopiers that are brand new come with standard features (depending on its brand) such as motion sensors to save power consumption, integration with mobile phones or Apple devices, or even the option to scan files which can be edited later.

Quality Checked – All photocopy machines are carefully checked and prepared to the highest standard by an engineer from our service department.

Energy saving, cost reducing – Every new photocopier has been designed to be as energy efficient as possible, saving you money on energy bills.


Print Logic are an independent supplier of photocopiers (both old & new), meaning that we aren’t tied to any one brand. This lets our customers consider the best option from a wide range of options.

Regardless of whether a customer needs to buy, rent or lease a copier, as printing experts Print Logic can offer friendly advice on the best device to choose.

Some of the leading photocopier brands we supply include:

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