Photocopier Prices, How it Works

Each of the three ways our customers acquire photocopiers have different pricing structures. Listed below are how photocopier prices work for each sector:

Photocopier Prices – Leasing

Photocopier lease prices work by breaking down the total cost of the photocopier into smaller quarterly payments which are determined by the length and type of device chosen. Prices can vary depending on the customer that is interested in this option, and Print Logic usually consider and propose several options, allowing the customer to choose which one they feel would work best for them.

For each option the customer is given a breakdown and comparison of the costing for each option Print Logic propose, so they can make the most informed decision possible when the time comes to choose.

We look at every lease plan we provide as an investment which can revolutionise the way in which each customer does business, rather than a simple pricing exercise or competition. This means that each option proposed comes with an explanation of the benefits the customer can expect to receive, which justifies the cost and provides more context as to why each choice is priced how it is.

Photocopier Rental – Prices

For photocopier rentals, the price depends on the length of the period it’s needed for.  Either a short-term photocopier rental, or a long-term photocopier renting service. Long-term photocopiers rentals are mainly used as an alternative to leasing a copier, so the pricing structure is nearly identical. Additionally, the same tax benefits apply, which is great for start-up businesses or companies where a full lease agreement or a cash sale is out of reach.

When photocopier renting for a short-term, a fixed price for both the equipment and the cost per copy will be agreed on before the photocopier is installed which is again determined by the length of time, number and type of photocopier needed.

With both types of rental agreement, a full-service plan is included. For more information please visit the Managed Print Services page.

Photocopier Prices – Buying

Buying a photocopier is a simple, one off cost for the photocopier, after which the device is yours! If you need guidance, we’ll help with choosing the right one for you, and are happy to provide any assistance and friendly advice you might need. Extra options such as installation and training can be added on to the cost to take away some of the steps you’ll need to take, and you’ll always have the option to look at including a Managed Print Service which can cover the costs of service and maintenance and the automatic replenishment of toners.

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