Printer Management

Most business in the UK fall in to one of two categories where their print management is concerned. Some companies perform this themselves, with designated members of staff being responsible for making sure that the device continues to run properly. Managing printers and copiers this way is very time consuming and expensive, and if any of the devices break down it can result in a lot of downtime whilst a copier engineer is called in. Other companies use a print management company to help – a significantly more efficient and cost effective option

Print Logic, managed print and digital workflow leaders in the North West and Birmingham, provide print management solutions to businesses all across our core regions and beyond. Here are some of the main benefits to a professionally managed service, and how you can benefit from them.

How will printer management help me?

What happens when your photocopier stops working? What about when there’s a strange noise coming from within? If you’re device isn’t on a managed service, then chances are that the designated person in the office will need to take a look. If they don’t know how to fix it, you’ll probably need to hire a photocopier engineer for an hour or two to resolve the issue. Or, what you might do is simply buy another printer outright, only to have it break down again in another month.

On a managed print service, all devices are proactively maintained, meaning that any potential issues are resolved before they can become a problem, saving on time and money!

Fresh Toners And Consumables Are Supplied Before They Are Needed, So You’ll Never Run Out

When your printer runs out of ink or toner, you’ll need to replace the cartridge as quickly as possible to prevent any downtime. Most modern devices will give you advanced warning of when this is going to happen to let you prepare a fresh replacement, but occasionally there are none to hand.

We understand that independently managing a toner stock is difficult and expensive, especially when you have more than one machine in your office. That’s why it’s far simpler to let a print management company like Print Logic take care of the stock of consumables for you. Our toner experts are notified automatically when you begin to run low, and they will dispatch a fresh cartridge to you which arrives before the current one runs dry, ensuring that you’ve always got a supply of toner exactly when you need it.

Efficient And Easy To Use Hardware To Ensure That You Spend Less Time Printing, And More Time On Your Core Skills

How many times have you been annoyed at the printer for printing too slowly? Or what about when you scan something in only to have it never appear in your inbox? How about when you’ve had to deal with another paper jam on the office inkjet?

In a business environment you need to have equipment which is robust and reliable as well as quick and efficient, otherwise time will be wasted needlessly.

On a managed print service, speed and accuracy are usually the most defining factors in choosing the right machine for the job. All of the devices which Print Logic supply are the best in their respective fields, meaning that our customers benefit from enhanced efficiency, productivity and are able to perform better in their day-to-day roles.

Replacement Of Older Technology With Modern, Efficient Devices

Many companies buy ‘off the shelf’ inkjet based all in one printers as their first office photocopier, and whilst these machines are very versatile and competent in a home-use setting, as a business device they reach the peak of their abilities very quickly and become overwhelmed.

A brand-new device on a Managed Print agreement will always be superior to a store-bought model. As they are all specialist models which are specifically chosen for the many tasks they are required to perform, they are built to exceed expectations.

Reduction On Number Of Devices In An Office, Replaced With Multifunction Devices

Many companies we speak to have many office printers, scanners and fax machines dotted all over the place initially. Our ability to consolidate these many devices down into just one main multifunction device helps customers save space, time, money and energy.

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