Printer Photocopier

A Printer Photocopier, also known as an MFP, or Multifunction Printer, is a type of photocopier which can essentially perform every printing, copying, scanning and saving function users need from a single platform. They are designed to accommodate any task which might need to be required of them, and can utilise both hardware and software extensions to increase their capabilities.

There are many different types of MFP and their functions become more specialised and complex the higher you look through the ranges each manufacturer offers.

What Are The Benefits Of A Printer Photocopier?

Running any organisation requires efficient and secure document production. To help achieve higher productivity and a smoother workflow, Print Logic offers a range of user-friendly photocopiers to meet all business requirements.

Our photocopiers are energy efficient and so deliver lower running costs. They’re also expandable and can grow with your business. For example, software like Sharp’s OSA (Open Systems Architecture) is a standard feature on their equipment allowing your photocopy machine to become an integrated hub for a host of business applications.

We have a device which will be appropriate for any office. Due to their highly modular design Print Logic can supply printer photocopier solutions to meet your exact business requirements. Some of the features printer photocopiers can offer are:

  • Dedicated, fast scanning
  • High volume printing
  • Modular framework, allowing for specific functionality
  • Saddle stitch booklet making
  • Energy saving modes
  • Secure ‘print release’ software
  • Integration with a CMS
  • Intelligent scanning and automated archiving

Printer Photocopier Brands available from Print Logic

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