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OKI Europe is a division of OKI Data Corporation, an OKI group company that has been leading the world in customer-led innovation for over 130 years. Employing more than 18,000 individuals in 120 countries worldwide, they bring together the support of a global organisation with the approach of a local business.

The OKI Group is founded upon the principal of delivering products and print solutions that are dedicated to business customers through a consultative and innovative approach to service, design, manufacture and implementation.

OKI Systems UK is part of OKI Europe, a division of OKI Data Corporation, a global business-to- business organisation dedicated to creating professional in-house wireless printer communications products, applications and services designed to increase the efficiency of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses. The company is well-established as one of the UK’s leading printer brands. OKI Systems UK’s award-winning product portfolio comprises of a wide range of printing solutions.

From their range of smart managed document and print solutions, colour and mono printers and multifunction printing machines, and dot matrix printers for business, to their highly innovative colour printers which enable printing in white, clear and even neon colours all from a desktop printer copier. OKI have also recently added a range of large format printing devices to this exciting portfolio.

Some of the OKI Printers Print Logic supply include:

  • OKI ES3452
  • OKI ES4192
  • OKI ES5431
  • OKI ES8453
  • OKI PRO9431
oki wireless printer

Benefits of an OKI Printer

For over 20 years, OKI has led the way in the use of digital LED wireless printing technology which offers sharper, more vibrant High Definition Colour printing. The first to introduce this technology, OKI has continued to develop digital LED printing, offering businesses of all sizes the opportunity to print many of their documents to a professional quality – in-house. With the addition of many technologically advanced features that improve efficiency and document management our devices truly offer a smarter way to print. OKI don’t view photocopiers as ‘peripheral’ to business; they see them as integral to business communication and success.

In addition to a vast portfolio of award-winning wireless printing machines and MFPs, OKI Europe offers a range of solutions to help optimise print and document workflows. This, together with an integrated suite of software technologies and tools, can help businesses take control of their print and document costs in a secure environment, whether office based, mobile or in the cloud.

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