How to use a printer

Using a printer is a very simple every-day office activity. When your printer has been installed and set up by one of Print Logic’s engineers, you’ll be able to use it as much as you need to. Here’s a simple guide on how to use printer machines that are new.

Step 1 – Regardless of the model of printer, the process is always the same. A printer with lots of complex features will work much like a basic printer.

Step 2 – Our team will have made sure that the printer is hooked up correctly, and performed a few quick tests on it so that we’re happy it’s working for you.

how to use printer

Step 3 – Open the document you want to print on your computer. If you want to print something from the internet, just click on ‘file’, then ‘print’. Check you have the right printer selected and click on ‘ok’. Your page should print out.

Step 4 – using your printer a lot will consume it’s supply of toner over time. Don’t worry though, our PRISM monitoring software tracks use of toner in all of our customers devices, and when we detect that you’ve reach 25% capacity, we’ll dispatch a fresh toner cartridge to you. It’s important not to change cartridges until they’re completely empty, as any toner left over in previous cartridges is wasted, and early replacement may result in a charge. Changing the toner cartridge is very easy, and will be explained when our engineer installs your new printer,

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