What are the benefits of a printer?

The majority of the printers which Print Logic sell, lease and rent to customers are laser printers. Laser printers have certain advantages over inkjet printers, which include:

Speed – because of the way they operate, laser printers can produce documents faster than an inkjet printer

Lower cost – because the amount of toner used for each document is significantly lower than the amount of ink which would be needed, laser printers are more efficient and cost effective – getting you more for your money

Quiet, and compact – laser printers are a lot quieter than most inkjet printers, and can generally fit into any office set up due to their compact, concise design

Inkjet printer

Better quality text – laser printers can produce crisp looking text more accurately than more inkjet printers

As well as laser printers, Print Logic also supply wide-format printers and plotters for specialist industries which require them. This could be for a graphic artist, or a construction company. The benefits of a wide-format printer over another device include

Larger paper size – paper sizes like A1 or larger can only be supported by a wide-format printer

Versatility – specialist printers can produce documents printed on any desired paper type, such as stickers, discs, or transfers

Super accurate quality – due to their precise applications, the quality of the documents produced are exceptionally high quality

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