Wide Format Printers

A wide format printer (sometimes also known as a plotter) is a specialist printing device which is used to perform specific roles in certain organisations. Most commonly, they are used be either the art, marketing or construction industries to produce larger sized artwork, usually on either A1 or A0 paper.

Plotter printers have a lot in common with normal inkjet printers and are essentially the same but on a larger scale. They are popular devices due to their precise and detailed print quality, and that they are some of the only devices which can output the paper sizes they handle.

Benefits of Wide Format Printing

Specialist paper size – wide format printers can handle extra large paper sizes such as A1 or A0, enabling the users to produce large-scale documents such as architectural plans or marketing banners

Fast output – despite their inkjet based platforms, most plotter printer models can output documents in as little as 28 seconds, allowing users to be as efficient as possible.

Clear, precise printing – because of their need to fill a specialist role, a wide format printer can produce very high quality documents with the highest level of detail

wide format printers


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