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How much paper is printed off in your office every day? Chances are that not all of it is completely essential, and the cost of those non-essential, disposable prints can mount up quickly. Besides the cost, try to consider the environmental impact of so many wasted pieces of paper which go more or less straight from the photocopier into the bin.

Print Logic, print management and digital workflow leaders in the North West and Midlands, are experts in helping businesses reduce their ‘print footprint’ and eliminating the cost non-essential prints. With our help, companies save up to 98% of their printing costs in a short period of time, and independently create custom reports and rules to continually streamline printing.

Lower Costs

Generate reports, track printing, assign rules and alerts and set up departmental or user based budgets. Identify where the most expensive printing is occurring and take steps to save.

Cut Waste

By setting up automatic alerts which trigger when a user attempts actions such as printing an email or a large volume word file, you can encourage staff to consider the impact of printing. Setting up user or department print-budgets also cuts down on non-essential printing.

Track Prints

Generate reports for departments or users to see who’s printing what. Identify who’s spending the most and begin to streamline spending.

Cut Waste and Your Carbon Footprint

Encourage responsible printing quotas and print policies, cutting paper and toner costs and power usage. At-a-glance reporting on CO2 and carbon emissions – by CO2 volume or by tree – shows the impact.

Apply Print Policies Enterprise-Wide

With our solutions, printing requests are intercepted at the print server to control jobs according to policies that encourage or enforce good behavior.

For example you might route large jobs to dedicated high-speed printers, display popups to ask end users to confirm single sided output, automatically delete print jobs with incorrect paper sizes or suggest an alternative printer when a device is offline.

Monitor and Report on Usage

Real-time monitoring and reports address all areas of print/copy/fax/ scan management, ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact. There are more than 50 reports available, in PDF, HTML or Microsoft Excel (.csv) format.

Access reports from any web browser, or schedule them to be automatically generated and emailed. You can set up reports to use your own header, and create reports with custom data by specifying date ranges, filtering and sorting by the data available.

Administer Centrally, Manage Easily

Our solutions provide browser-based administration access from any network location, providing advanced administration and configuration options in an intuative user interface.

End users have access to a set of web tools to track their own activity in real-time, query their account balances, view transactions, and transfer credit to other users.

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