Small Photocopier

A photocopier is an essential part of any office. When visualising a copier you might picture a large, floor-standing device, and a big concern for a lot of businesses is where they can keep such a machine. The answer is a small photocopier, sometimes called a desktop multifunction device. These small photocopiers are the perfect choice for any small office, whether that’s in a large corporate office, or a startup company’s print room.

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What’s the best small photocopier for businesses?

Like the full sized floor-standing photocopiers, small photocopiers have many different models and variants. The biggest benefit of a small photocopier is their small size coupled with their functionality. A small photocopier performs the exact same functions as a larger model, but on a smaller scale.

For businesses, small photocopiers are the best choice for when space in your office is at a premium. Due to their size, all types of small photocopier can be stored on a desk or cabinet, allowing office staff to be more productive but not at the cost of office space.

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