Wide Format Printers

When you need to print larger than A3, a Wide Format Printer, often called a plotter or large-format printer is the solution.

Printing high-quality CAD or GIS documents is easy with a Wide Format Printer. With advances in inkjet technology allowing for high-quality image printing at wide-format print sizes becoming more accessible.

wide format printer

What is a wide format printer?

A Wide Format Printer offers access to specialist paper sizes and can handle your extra-large print sizes, up to A1, A0 and beyond. This allows you to easily print full-colour posters, banners, store displays, architectural drawings and construction plans.

By taking advantage of advances in print technology waiting for a large format printer to produce your document is a thing of the past. Most wide format printers offer a swift output, often less than 30 seconds for the majority of documents.

The benefits of wide-format printing?

Specialist paper sizes

Wide Format Printers can handle extra-large paper sizes, up to A0, enabling you to print large scale documents.

Fast output

Despite the size, large format printers or plotters can move swiftly, often outputting documents in as little as 28 seconds.

Clear precise printing

From the early days of plotters and wide format printers, accuracy and precision were important, the requirements for printing large format plans haven’t changed much and they still provide great accuracy using more modern technology. Fine detail and high definition ensure scaled printouts are easy to read and are accurate when being translated from the page.

Space requirements

While large format printers are able to print large scale documents the space requirements are surprisingly small. Due to advances in the technology used in large format printing a wide format printer takes up a similar space to an office desk.

Rent or lease a large format printer from Print Logic from £25 p/m

We offer a range of purchase options for our wide format printer range. You can rent, lease or outright purchase printers and alongside Managed Print Service we can tailor a solution to suit your business requirements.

Wide Format Printing In-House

Bringing your wide format printing in-house improves efficiency and costs less than the premium often paid for outsourced large format prints. An A1 large format printer is available from £25 p/m including an annual service contract, there may be efficiency and cost savings available for less than you thought.

Outsourcing makes sense in some situations, though not always. There are downsides to outsourcing your wide format printing that can have a negative effect on productivity, having to collect or wait for delivery and reprinting takes longer if there is an issue with the print or more copies are required.
Canon Plotter

Wide Format Printing for Industries

Printing at a large scale while retaining accuracy and detail with a high-resolution wide format printing allows every line and fine detail to be distinguished.

Whether you work in

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Graphic design
  • Glazing
  • Groundworks
  • Electrical contracting
  • Steel fabrication
  • Drainage
  • Scaffolding

Or any industry that needs large, accurate, detailed prints a wide format printer can make your job easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the printer model, A wide format printer can be from 18″ to 100″ wide. The most common wide format printers measure 24″, 36″, 44″, and 60″ wide.  Super Wide Format printers can print more than 100″ but are less common.

Wide Format Printers can integrate easily with a variety of specialist software, including:

Specialist software is not required to take advantage of a wide format printer and you can print large documents without using specialist 3rd party software.

When you receive your equipment, our engineer will instruct you and your colleagues in how to use your new machine. We’ll cover the basics as well as more complex functions, please feel free to ask any questions!

As part of a Managed Print Service, when your printer or copier begins to run out of supplies, Print Logic will automatically be notified and we will dispatch replacements right away. All you need to do is just add paper!

We supply, install and maintain large format printers

If you need to create large scale printouts a wide format printer is the solution for you, whether it is CAD plots, full-colour poster prints, store displays or graphic arts, we can help you find the correct wide format printer for you. Speak to our experts to find out how we can help you.

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