Office Printers

We supply a wide range of office printers including smaller desktop A4 colour and mono devices all the way up to larger A3 printers. 

We have affordable entry-level business printers, ideal for small to medium sized companies with modest needs. For enterprise organisations we offer powerful networked multifunction printers with intelligent software solutions that provide your team with easy access to all the print, copy and scan capabilities that they need.

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Office Printers vs Consumer Printers

Office printers are specifically designed to be used by businesses that require a robust solution. They differ from consumer printers in many ways. Office printers offer faster printing speeds, larger paper trays and advanced finishing options. They are also designed to be more efficient and last much longer than consumer printers.

Office printers are designed to make life much easier, you are able to create super high-quality documents at high speed. All the features are easily accessible through a large customisable touchscreen interface. With simple controls and business-specific features, you are able to create and share all the information you need as efficiently as possible.

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Multifunction Office Printers

Most businesses need their printers to do more than simply print. Multifunction Office printers are able to scan, copy, email and distribute electronic documents across the business. They also offer advanced features

Automatic Document Feeders (ADF)

Scan, copy, email and fax documents with multiple pages.

Automatic two-sided printing

known as duplexing, print on both sides of the paper without reloading the machine.

High dots per inch (dpi)

The number of dots per square inch the printer can fit on a piece of paper. The higher the number, the sharper your documents and images will be.

USB and card readers

Enabling you to print without the need for a computer.

Multipurpose trays

Print on specialty paper such as envelopes, postcards, business cards, brochures and large paper.

Energy Star compliance

To reduce operational costs and environmental impact

Assess your needs

It’s important to assess what your company needs in an office printer.

  • What type of documents will you be printing?
  • What do you want the printer to do?
  • Do you need it to integrate into your existing systems?
  • How many people will be using it?

We’ll show you the features and discuss your priorities during the process, this helps us recommend the types and models of office printers best suited to your business. Business printers are an important investment because they are often critical to your daily operations.

office printers

Office Printer types

Laser printers are by far the most popular printers found in the office today and for good reason. They are reliable, fast and can produce professional quality documents at staggering speed. They use toner instead of ink used in inkjet printers, this is more cost effective and more efficient for businesses. The high cost of replacement ink is not practical for high-volume printing.
Inkjet printers do have a place in some businesses, they can produce higher quality photos and are better suited to printing brochures, graphics and fliers that contain detailed graphics.

Paying for an office printer

Most businesses choose to rent or lease printers over buying them outright. This saves the initial cost of the printer, which for a multifunction office printer is in the thousands of pounds. 

With a managed print service all you supply is the paper, we’ll replenish the toner when it’s low and service the printer over the lifetime of the agreement, then at the end of the term you can easily trade for a newer model.


Sharp are one of the world’s leaders in the printer industry. Founded in 1912, they provide innovative and original products which are used all over the world

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Lexmark has become a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing and imaging solutions for offices and homes. Lexmark’s products include laser printers, inkjet printers, multi-function devices and associated supplies.

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