Print Logic supply and maintain all leading makes and models of printers. Suitable for all types of printing tasks ranging from simple document printing to large scale, high quality artwork and architectural plans, we can help you choose from any type of printer which you might need.

Some of the leading brands of printers we supply include:

Printer types

Each printer which Print Logic provides is purpose built to accommodate different volumes and types of printing. We can supply anything from a simple mono desktop laser printer for basic office tasks all the way up to a large, wide format plotter specifically designed to produce the highest quality documents.

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Buying, Leasing or Renting a printer

Print Logic provides many ways for customers to get a printer –  leasing, buying or renting.

We understand that every customer will have their own set of circumstances, and we work with you to understand which option is the most appropriate. The sector in which they’re part of will be a factor, for example a law office might not necessarily need the same printer as a primary school’s library.

We’ve broken down the options and listed their benefits on the following pages:

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