Managed Print Service – Benefits

Managed Print Solutions, or MPS, is a service which allows businesses to monitor and control their printers using smart data capture software. By doing this they provide benefits for companies. MPS can save a huge amount of spending and time, as well as increasing productivity.

Devices and consumables, like toner cartridges, are all remotely managed by Print Logic, allowing a customer to focus on their core activities.

Each MPS package is different for each customer and a Print Logic Solutions Architect works with them to give them a service which they’ll benefit most from.

What are the Benefits of a Managed Print Service?

  • Devices are fully maintained, meaning no extra charges for repairs
  • Fresh toners and consumables are supplied before they are needed, so you’ll never run out
  • Efficient and easy to use hardware to ensure that you spend less time printing, and more time on your core activities
  • Replacement of older technology with modern, efficient devices
  • Reduction on number of devices in an office, replaced with multifunction devices
Benefits of managed print solutions

Why would I need a Managed Print Service?

  • You’re spending too much on your printing
  • IT departments and support team are spending too much time resolving printer problems
  • Your staff have many different pieces of equipment spread across the whole office
  • Old equipment is always breaking down, leading to long periods where staff can’t work
  • Some devices are used too much, whilst others aren’t used at all

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