What is a Managed Print Service?

A Managed Print Service, or MPS, is a service which allows businesses to monitor and control their printers using smart data capture software.

By doing this they can save a huge amount of spending and time, as well as benefitting from increased productivity. Devices and consumables, like toner cartridges, are all remotely managed by Print Logic, allowing a customer to focus on their core activities.

Each MPS package is different for each customer and a Print Logic Solutions Architect works with them to give them a service which they’ll benefit most from.

Why would you need a Managed Print Service?

  • You’re spending too much on your printing
  • IT departments and support team are spending to much time resolving printer problems
  • Your staff have many different pieces of equipment spread across the whole office
  • Old equipment is always breaking down, leading to long periods where staff can’t work
  • Some devices are used too much, whilst others aren’t used at all
Managed print service

How Does a Managed Print Service Work?

Each MPS package is tailored for every customer, giving them the option to select from a range of devices which our printing experts recommend, and from a choice of payment options. Usually a photocopier lease is the best option, however an MPS package can be arranged for any type of sale (like photocopier rentals or an outright photocopier purchase). A photocopier lease lets customers pay a fixed monthly charge over the course of an agreed amount of time, giving them every benefit for small regular payments.

When an MPS service begins and the photocopier has been installed, your photocopier will work as expected right away. As part of the service the device will have been prepared before it arrives in your office, and your team will be trained by the same engineer who has installed the copier. When you’re using the photocopy machine, our PRISM software will monitor the toner levels in your device and alert us when any of the colours reach 25% capacity. When this happens we’ll dispatch a fresh cartridge to you for when the current one runs out completely. This lets you continue printing smoothly.

If you need help with a problem with your photocopier, all servicing, maintenance calls and repairs are included in your plan, so all you need to do is to contact Print Logic and we’ll take steps to resolve the issue within a 4 hour time period.

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