Buying a printing machine, which printer to buy?

Buying a printer is a great choice for any customer who wants a quick, easy path to owning a device. Only one payment is required, and we’ll work with the customer to help them choose a machine that will benefit them the most with our best buy printers.

We provide printers from market-leading brands like:

  • HP printers
  • Sharp printers
  • Ricoh printers
  • Xerox printers
  • Kyocera printers
  • Canon printers and wide-format printers
  • Toshiba printers
  • Lexmark printers
  • Brother printers
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Print Logic have both new and refurbished printing machines in stock, and have a fast delivery time for every customer, meaning we can deliver them a great device quickly and easily.

Why buy a printer?

Buying a printer means that the device is paid for, completely, all at once. This appeals to some customers who want to supplement their existing set up or printing fleet. They might already have a printer or IT department who handle any all in one printer related issues, so there isn’t a need for a Managed Print Service.

Another reason to buy printer machines would be to completely replace an older or damaged device which is no longer fit for service. If this is the case Print Logic sometimes offer deals for a part-exchange of devices. This is always subjective, but our sales team will help find a customer the best deal whilst taking every element into account.

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What are the benefits of buying a printer?

Buying a printer requires a single payment, after that the device is yours! We’ll help you choose the best printer for your budget and needs, and prepare it so that it can be installed into your office quickly and easily.

You’ll also have the option to add on a service and maintenance plan or a Managed Print Service too, which can be paid for on a monthly basis. This lets customer who own a printer have their service and maintenance taken care of and consumables automatically replenished, drastically reducing the time and expense of having to manage a printing fleet alone.

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