Renting a printer

When leasing or buying a printer isn’t an option, renting is the best alternative. It’s also the most suitable choice for customers looking to use the printer for a shorter period of time.

When renting a printer, customers will receive the best device for their needs from our range of refurbished printers. The device will be prepared and installed for you, set up so you can use it to it’s full capacity immediately.

Throughout the rental period you’ll receive full service and support from Print Logic, with training also being provided to the printer’s users.

Long Term Printer Rental

For some companies a leasing deal might be out of reach, and when this isn’t an option a long-term rental is the best choice. A long-term printer rental works in nearly the same way as a printer lease, including the same level. The only main difference is the type of printer which customers will receive.

xerox printer rental

Short Term Printer Rental

Sometimes people only need a printer for a few days, weeks or months. Customers like this usually include the organisers of exhibitions, sports events, film crews or conferences. For these people, a short-term printer rental is perfect, as it gets them a state of the art device, with a full service and support package.

What are the benefits of renting a printer?

When renting a printer, customers will receive full support services from Print Logic, including installation, training, technical support and eventual removal.

printer rental

A device is chosen from our range of refurbished printers, so each customer receives an approved, state of the art piece of equipment chosen for them based on their unique requirements.

A full Managed Print Service is included, so customers don’t need to worry about replacing consumables.

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