PaperCut Hive | Simple 100% Cloud-Hosted Print Management for Small Businesses

Printing, scanning, photocopying, etc, are all simple and necessary tasks that shouldn’t be complicated, but with so much choice these days, can often end up so. Whether it be sending documents from different devices, or different operating systems which can create confusion – PaperCut Hive provides a quick and seamless experience through their serverless technology.

Why PaperCut Hive?

1. Greater printing flexibility

By moving your system to the cloud, PaperCut Hive allows you to queue your documents to one centralised space, regardless of what type of device you send it from, making it a much simpler process for the entire office to print wherever, whenever, and however. As a result, you can print from any device in seconds.

2. Built for all brands

Our cloud print management software works with all brands (such as Sharp, Lexmark, Canon, OKI, Toshiba, Konica and more), and works via a smooth touchscreen interface, making printing easy and hassle-free again.

3. Copy and scan tracking

Not only do we integrate with any system you might be using, but we facilitate tracking of printing, but also scanning and copying. This is because we believe that by empowering you with greater visibility when it comes to your documents, you can in turn function more efficiently, and with greater accountability

PaperCut Hive ID card print release

Benefits of moving print management to the cloud

1. More efficient, more cost-effective

Cloud adoption in the print management sphere is up and coming, there’s no doubt about it. By switching to a cloud infrastructure, you afford yourself greater levels of printing availability, more on-demand capacity, lower data storage costs, and more generally it helps establish a more rounded digital infrastructure for your company. Essentially, cloud print management solves many of the existing issues surrounding traditional on-premise printing methods – i.e. it’s complicated, costly, and often requires device monitoring/ multiple servers.

2. Reduce IT strain

Some of the key benefits besides those listed relate to reducing the burden on your IT team. Cloud printing is managed by a third party, and thus enables your IT team to focus on more pressing on-premise issues – printing shouldn’t be diverting attention from more important tasks. By outsourcing to us, we can administer everything you need from a centralised platform, whether that be printer updates, edits to settings, or even optimising routing.

3. Increased data security

Furthermore, cloud print management with PaperCut Hive gives you the option to add more levels of security to your printing processes, such as user authentication at the MFD, particularly handy for mobile workers. This gives you control over where and when users can print, copy, and scan. On the flip side, this authentication also keeps things in the right hands, by enabling authentication when collecting jobs too. Not only this, but we also offer digital watermarks/ signatures to really reinforce the security surrounding your business documents.

4. Embrace increasing digitisation

By moving your printing management to the cloud, you help to build a more robust digital infrastructure for your company, which in 2022 is pretty essential let’s face it. This means that in time you’ll be able to integrate various systems better and manage more aspects of your business from centralized platforms. Specific to printing, a cloud system also means a greater ability to adapt the software as your business needs change. Changes and new installations can be deployed much faster than traditional on-premise technologies, and as you continue to improve these systems, you also improve your data security and broader digitisation.

TL; DR? By choosing PaperCut Hive’s cloud solution, you’re choosing printing peace of mind.

PaperCut Hive Quick Scan

PaperCut Hive: a sustainable printing solution

While printing is a practised part of life in any business, and will likely continue to be so, it does also impact the environment, such as through increased paper usage. At Print Logic we’re passionate about sustainability, recognising the consequences of printing and it’s why we constantly recommend print management software such as PaperCut Hive. Save more on printing with features that include:

  • Responsible reminders
    Friendly reminders to print double-sided, and/or in black and white ink, which pop up on your touch screen interface.
  • Zero uncollected jobs
    PaperCut’s in-depth tracking abilities highlight potential wasted printing jobs which have been left uncollected. The Secure Print Release option also stops overflowing recycling bins.
  • Safety net
    PaperCut Hive’s print job safety net catches common printing mistakes such as typos on the number of copies/ pages needed.
  • Analytics
    Another benefit of cloud management, get analytics on your printing habits to make informed changes to reduce costs and environmental impact.
Hive Dashboard

Supporting your small business needs

At Print Logic we strive to be the best – both in terms of the people behind our tech, and also in supporting your business needs. We pride ourselves on delivering a great customer experience for you, from our teams of printer engineers and PaperCut experts.

PaperCut Hive is highly advanced in what it offers, integrating with all brands through its innovative cloud software. However, we can also integrate you with other services to better support your business – and we’re working with our partners to bring more add-ons and integrations to you in the future.

As a Reseller of PaperCut print software, we are here to help you get the most out of your print environment, ensuring you get the right version of PaperCut and are set up to take the best advantage of the features and reporting to reduce your waste and costs. Contact us to talk to our experts to find out more and get your PaperCut print software.