Features of a Photocopier

Photocopiers and printers are at the heart of businesses in the UK. They provide a comprehensive set of systems and functions which enable their owners to work more productively. Office Photocopiers have been developed to perform at the highest level possible and to offer a wide range of features in addition to it’s basic scan, copy, fax and email functions.


The photocopiers primary function is to produce paper copies of a document. Most modern photocopiers use laser technology to do this, using electrical charges to transfer toner to a piece of paper to form an image. The full process can be explained in the video below.

Photocopiers can be either full colour or monoprint (black and white), and both types are appropriate for different situations. For example, an estate agent producing a lot of house listings for the front of their store will need to use high-quality colour printing to make their adverts look as good as possible, whereas their internal, non-customer facing documents don’t need to be a work of art, so they can be printed off as mono.

Advanced Features

As well as photocopying, modern devices can perform more advanced features such as scanning into online or local storage, emailing, booklet making or even have the option of faxing. The biggest advantage they offer is their cost-saving benefits, due to their ability to consolidate multiple office devices into one platform, and the extremely energy-efficient manner in which they run.


Your photocopier’s scanner can scan in single documents in the same way a normal standalone scanner can, but it can also scan whole stacks of paper in bulk. This allows paper documents to be turned into various types of digital file which can then be used to store on a computer, or even imported into your business Document Management System.

On a standard office photocopier, you can normally find both a normal scanner under the lid of the copier, called the ‘platen glass’ and an ‘Automatic Document Feeder’, which is based on the very top of the device.

The platen glass is used to scan in single documents, or multiple documents which need to be integrated into the same copy or file. The platen glass has a large surface area. The automatic document feeder can be used to scan a large number of files very quickly. Paper documents are drawn into the top of the feeder by a set of rollers, which then feed it through to pass through a smaller piece of glass (called the slit glass) which scans in the paper before it’s placed in the exit tray on the feeder.

Some more advanced photocopiers have a ‘single pass’ document feeder, which can scan in double-sided paper in one pass, as opposed to making the paper go around twice.


Using cutting-edge technology, automation and artificial intelligence, photocopiers can be integrated into any businesses system (like a CMS or CRM system), to scan files directly into the system seamlessly. The video provides more information on this.


As well as many of features of a photocopier, printing is probably their primary use. Photocopiers can print a wide variety of different types of document, in different print languages, ranging from regular internal-use office documents to customer-facing marketing materials.

With high print speeds and a high paper capacity, photocopiers are the primary printing device in the offices they are based. One photocopier can print a higher volume of documents at a higher rate than standalone ‘off the shelf’ printers, all at a lower cost.

As well as this, they can also be fitted with special printing devices called ‘Finishers’, which boost their functionality to include more complex printing options, such as stapling, booklet making or even folding. This type of printing can enable companies to produce their own marketing material in-house, boosting the effectiveness of the photocopier enormously.

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