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5 Reasons You Should Automate Your Paperwork

Picture the scene, you’re sat at your desk with stacks of paper on either side of you. One of your managers comes to you and asks you to spend your day clearing it off your desk and sorting it into your businesses files or send it to the right person. Naturally, you’re happy to do this of course, but you know that you’ll have to put your current project on hold for a day.

However, imagine if you could just walk over to the office photocopier, pop the whole stack of paper into the scanner, press go, and have it all done right there and then! You’d be able to clear your desk, but also complete your project and look awesome for the managers at the same time!

Print Logic, print management and digital workflow leaders in the North West and Birmingham use smart A.I. implemented by our in-house solutions experts to speed up our customer’s workflow significantly.

It’s faster

Because of the automation, you won’t need to manually work through each sheet of paper individually. You also won’t need to work through long, laborious processes in order to complete a workload.

Instead, you’ll be able to start and complete work in moments. Smart A.I. automatically scans files and archives every document which runs through a scanner, sorting them into the correct place. It can also automatically identify the contents of a document, and if necessary redirect it to the appropriate person or department.

What all this means is that you’ll have more time to complete value-based activities instead of being required to deal with scanning and archiving tasks.

It’s easier

What happens when you scan a document or file now? You might first need to walk across to the scanner in your office and scan in each document or file individually. After scanning it in, you’ll need to send it to yourself in an email before starting the next document. Once you’ve done that, you’ll then walk back over to your computer, find each scan in your inbox and drag it onto your desktop or into a folder.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to rename it, find the correct folder or case file on your CMS to archive it into, and then confirm that it’s secure, named correctly and stored correctly.

Now, imagine that you could just go to the scanner or copier, place the entire stack of papers in at once, press go, automate your paperwork and have the whole thing completed within 5 seconds – easy!

It’s more accurate

When you automate your paperwork you inevitably increase accuracy. Even though people take the utmost care and provide the highest attention to detail possible, sometimes mistakes still happen – we’re all only human after all!

A smart A.I. based digital workflow system will process documents precisely, meaning that there are no errors at all during any stage. Additionally, steps can be taken to ensure that any legacy documents which have been held in filing cabinets for years can be digitally converted and renamed according to your current naming policy, saving the need to search through them manually!

It’s more secure

During a normal scanning process, files might get sent to the wrong person. People can get called away mid-scan and then leave their documents on top of the photocopier for the world to see. In industries where every paper document can contain sensitive and confidential information, there are obvious document security concerns where scanning and archiving is required.

When you automate your paperwork and take your business digital, you ensure that documents are only seen by those people who need to see them. Everything is routed exactly where it needs to be, and paper can be shredded after it’s been scanned in.

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It’s cost effective

If you were to add up the cost of your time, the copier, the scanner and the CMS you use, how much would it amount to when you isolated your scanning and archiving activities?

Ultimately, most of the cost comes down to time spent on the process itself. If you imagine that you have a team of highly trained solicitors who need to spend one day of their valuable time scanning in files, the costs to the law firm mount up quickly.

Being able to automate your paperwork and start and complete all scanning activities with the press of a button, ensure that costs are kept to the lowest possible number, and your teams time is spent on bringing in more business or helping customers – therefore increasing the level of work and developing a more productive workplace.

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