Is 2022 the Year to Take Your Business Digital?

Today’s world is rapidly evolving, as more businesses aim to streamline operations while facing the challenges of having some employees working from home and others in the office. Businesses that have been traditionally paper-based can struggle with the transition to digital.

A BBC survey in August suggested that 50 of the biggest UK employers had no plans to return all staff to the office full-time in the near future.

2022 should be the year to take your business digital and embrace digital technologies that help your team collaborate, increase efficiency and protect your data in the event of a catastrophe.

take your business digital

3 Reasons to take your business digital this year

There are many reasons your business should embrace moving to digital this year. A business that doesn’t adapt and evolve can be quickly rendered obsolete. It’s best to start with a plan, to consider your current position and assess your needs moving forward. Companies that attempt to implement a digital transition without a plan often fail. Consider converting your important documents to digital to start with, as doing so can lay the foundation for your digital journey.

Secure your Data

Security is always a top priority. Data is the lifeline of your business. What if an extreme weather event causes compromises your premises and destroys files? Think of everything that can be lost or irreparable, such as customer and client data, taxes, records, personnel files, sales invoices, etc.

Establishing robust and reliable data retention and destruction policy can help you stay compliant in your industry and reduces the risk of data theft or loss. With a Document Management Solution, your businesses can automatically create and manage documents that are sorted into the appropriate retention schedule. Choose a document solution that monitors compliance and notifies you when a document is out of date, incomplete or destined for destruction. We wrote a list of the 5 document security mistakes and how to fix them

Save Money and Space

A compelling reason to digitise documents is to save space and money. Paper costs money. Filing cabinets cost money. Internal or external storage costs money. Also, in some places, office space can be very expensive. If your office has a room dedicated to cardboard filing boxes, reassess record retention and destruction programs: going digital not only reduces costs and waste but also improves your entire organisation.

document filing cabinet

Of course, many industries are required to store some physical documents for long, sometimes indefinite periods. Keeping these paper files in-house can be time-consuming, expensive and open to the risk of destruction.

Fire, flood and other natural disasters can destroy paper files, and even temperature changes can lead to deterioration or damage. Placing your physical records in a secure off-site storage facility adds an extra layer of protection from natural disasters, and climate-controlled media vaults help keep your digital information.

Improve Access and Increase Productivity

How long does it take to search a file to find a specific document? How much productivity is delayed because someone is waiting for a document to be sent by email, fax or mail?

In today’s fast-paced technology-driven world, your business needs to work efficiently. Digital Document Management solutions allow you and your employees to work together in your office, at home or across the country to streamline business processes and increase efficiency at every level in your organisation. This allows you and your employees to focus more on productive, strategic tasks and priorities that will grow your business.

When you’re ready to take your business digital and automate your paperwork you should find a solution that allows you to access all the documents you need from anywhere and create a secure data room for file sharing. Audit logs give you a clear picture of who accessed and what actions were taken on each document.

Make your digital transformation easy

Going digital does not need to be a daunting task. A valid records information management (RIM) policy can help manage change without disrupting workflows, while at the same time enabling you to adapt to new technologies. Documents can be processed in accordance with an appropriate maintenance plan while ensuring compliance with organisational and industrial regulations.

Print logic is committed to helping you take your business digital with the tools and information needed to develop, implement and manage a document management strategy tailored to your business. This year, focus on growing your business with the knowledge that your information is organised, accessible and secure.

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