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You’re not one of our customers, but here’s a few reasons why we think you should be

At Print Logic we specialise in the supply and maintenance of multi-functional devices ranging across a wide range of manufacturers to suit the needs of the end user. We supply both new and refurbished devices to start-up and small businesses, through to large enterprise customers.

Our approach to a print consultation is what sets us above our competitors. We view each print solution as a challenge, allowing us to always seek improvements to current setups, in terms of both cost reduction and productivity improvements

98% lower print costs

We can supply a complete managed print service to our customers. The cost of the machine, maintenance, delivery, installation, training and toner is all included in our basic pricing. Add in the cost savings of you managing this yourself and it’s a clear cost effective solution.

Improved productivity

With a team of solutions experts in your industry sector dedicated to making sure that as much work as possible is automated by our solutions, you can spend more time on value based tasks and less on scanning, archiving and tedious printing jobs.

Cut down on wasted time

When the printer breaks, work stops. Our main commitment to our customers is to ensure that their printer or photocopier is exceeding expectations. With regular preventative maintenance calls provided by our elite service team, we resolve potential errors before they become a problem.

How Do You Benefit?

  • Devices are fully maintained, meaning no extra charges for repairs
  • Fresh toners and consumables are supplied before they are needed, so you’ll never run out
  • Efficient and easy to use hardware to ensure that you spend less time printing, and more time on your core activities
  • Replacement of older technology with modern, efficient devices
  • Reduction on number of devices in an office, replaced with multifunction devices

Why Would I Need A Managed Print Service?

  • You’re spending too much on your printing
  • IT departments and support team are spending too much time resolving printer problems
  • Your staff have many different pieces of equipment spread across the whole office
  • Old equipment is always breaking down, leading to long periods where staff can’t work
  • Some devices are used too much, whilst others aren’t used at all

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