Drive down your office printing costs

Many businesses overlook cost-cutting opportunities.  When it comes to ways to drive down your office printing costs, many businesses are currently unaware of their actual printing costs. This is often due to businesses multiple office printers, all requiring different consumable items from different suppliers, resulting in many invoices…It does not have to be this way.

Use our tips below to reduce printing costs for your business, and if you would rather use your time to grow your business, give us a call or complete our 30-second quick quote form and let us work with you to drive down your office printing costs.

Print less colour

The cost of a colour print is between five and twenty times the price of a black-only print (depending on the type of printers). The printing of internal documents e.g. emails should always be printed in mono/greyscale to significantly reduce cost. This can be set as a device driver default or for individual jobs. We offer a Print Management Solution that can enforce the conversion of colour to mono print outs based on user profiles and roles. We have found that this simple solution of stopping unnecessary colour prints typically reduces print costs by 35%.

drive down your office printing costs

Print double sided

Not only can this potentially save up to 50% on your paper costs but duplex printing also reduces the space needed to file it and saves postage costs when sending it. We offer a Print Management Solution that can enforce duplex printing as a standard but can be easily overridden for those important customer-facing documents.

Use recycled paper for internal documents

Most modern printers are now capable of using recycled paper without any detrimental effects on printing performance. This can be as much as 50% cheaper than the good quality paper you would use when printing sales proposals or other ‘customer-facing’ documents.  If you are interested in purchasing high-quality recycled paper, it is worth checking out the friendly folks over at The Green Stationery Company!

reduce your printing costs

Eliminate Orphan Prints

There is nothing more infuriating for a business owner or budget holder than unclaimed prints lying on the networked printer at the end of a working day (The industry set Orphaned jobs at a staggering 30%!). There are a number of cheap and free ways in which this can be a thing of the past. Many print manufacturers build in job retention/holding capabilities into the print driver; whilst this is ideal for a small print fleet, there are specific solutions available for reducing orphaned prints.

Reduce the number of printers used to drive down your office printing costs

Keeping lots of small printers running can be a costly business. Not just the extraordinary price of printer cartridges but also the immense burden this puts on to IT support and the accounts department of any business. Rationalising this to an optimum level will streamline office efficiency whilst maximising cost savings. For example, an A4 colour print can cost as high as 40 pence on a standard desktop A4 printer. This can be slashed as low as 4 pence using a Multi-Functional Laser Printer.

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